Child, Paul was given birth to January thirteen, 1890

Child, Paul was given birth to January thirteen, 1890

Mayme was given birth to January 31, 1902. She married Walter Bomgarten to your November twenty-six, 1924. They therefore had around three youngsters: Edward and Myron died during the infancy. Child Jean hitched Anthony Baldy. Walter Bomgarten passed away in may away from 1941. She afterwards hitched John Reich in September away from 1943.

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Susan, the latest 4th youngster was given birth to August eleven, 1904. Toward elizabeth to that particular country away from Bokovina, Austria in the 1910, on age of fourteen ages. George and you will Susan had been mom and dad from seventeen people: Walter, John, Lorraine, Age, Joe, Luvern, George, Robert, Marian and you may Marvin (twins), Susan, Eugene, Anthony, Ervin and you can Peter. Donald and Gladys died inside infancy.

Julia, the fresh youngest child away from Johanna and you can Jacob came into this world April 6, 1906. She partnered Peter Neisen off Delano towards April twenty eight, 1926. (suite…)

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