(p. 129) Part XIV. The treating of SERVANTS

(p. 129) Part XIV. The treating of SERVANTS

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Best rely on as regards currency issues would be to occur ranging from married couples. For the a page so you’re able to an early on lady on their unique marriage, Quick says, « I believe you have to be aware how much cash your own husband’s revenue number so you’re able to, and start to become brilliant a computer on remain within it one to the main administration hence falls on the share, and not to get yourself throughout the quantity of men and women respectful women who believe they get a great section when they’ve teased the husbands to order them an alternate equipage, a great laced direct, or an excellent petticoat, versus immediately after given just what enough time score stayed unpaid on butcher. »

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An effective poor cap one to inside an abundant guy carry out citation to possess possibly an amiable eccentricity, might conceivably result in the customize to transmit in his expenses in order to good poorer buyers. In this amount, like in way too many other people, we would act out-of the right or away from a wrong purpose. Nowhere is the try to carry on looks more praiseworthy than regarding anyone who has so you can housekeep through to (p. 127) very small income. The new cotter’s wife into the Burns’s poem exactly who-

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