When to Cut Ties with Your Agent

When to Cut Ties with Your Agent

Okay, maybe it wasn’t dating, maybe it was a friendship, or your agent

I’ve talked a lot about the author-agent relationship and imagine that there are a lot more posts on that topic in my future. I’ve certainly covered how to fire your agent when she is ignoring you, but what about the agent who is paying attention to you, but just can’t seem to sell your work? How do you know when to cut ties with this person?

I’ve often likened the author-agent relationship to dating or marriage, in a business sense, and I think this is no different

The really difficult part about answering this question is that I can’t, really. I can give guidance, but making the decision to fire an agent is really personal and, frankly, I always feel that if you’re asking that question you’re probably ready to let go. (suite…)

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