How to get a guy to sleep with you

How to get a guy to sleep with you

6. Friendliness

If you ask any guy why he loves his girlfriend or wife, he will say how beste meksikanske datingsider she makes friends with everyone and is friendly and kind to everyone. Nothing is sexier than a girl that everyone likes.

After all, if everyone likes her, then there must be a lot of good qualities she has for them all to feel that way. [Read: Friendly vs. flirty – how to tell if someone is flirting with you]

7. Genuineness

We live in a world of fake people. Think about it. On social media, people use endless filters and make their lives look a lot better than they really are.

So, a guy is looking for a girl who is genuine and not fake. It’s a difficult quality to find these days, but it is extremely attractive to almost every guy.

8. Maturity

So, maturity is more about mental and emotional calmness and the ability to put things into perspective. Guys don’t like women who are childish.

9. Intelligence

Usually, they would rather go out with an average-looking girl who is really interesting and intelligent than a supermodel who can’t put two words together. [Read: Attracted to intelligence? 10 clues you might be a sapiosexual]

10. Optimism

Who wants to be around a “Negative Nellie” or “Debbie Downer?” No one. Negative people and pessimists are a turn-off for most people – even for guys.

So, they are looking for a girl with a positive attitude about life. They want someone who can make lemonade when life hands her lemons.

11. Being on time

No one likes to wait around for other people to show up. Waiting around is a real time-waster and it’s also disrespectful to make someone do that.

So, when you are punctual and on time for everything, it shows that you have respect for his time. (suite…)

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