Muriel Keith, the long term 2nd partner away from Robert Stewart, first Duke ofAlbany (d

Muriel Keith, the long term 2nd partner away from Robert Stewart, first Duke ofAlbany (d

‘ Reg Aven 215, 50To this new bishop regarding Moray. Faculty to help you dispense Reginald Cheyn,donzel, and you can Murielle, damselle, d de- Keth,of Moray and Aberdeen dioceses, in the impediment in order to marriagearising regarding third and next level of consanguinity.Fondi, 19 Kal. Feb., anno step 1.SRO Vat. , iv, no. 46. ‘

1420), is contracted so you’re able to get married Reginald ce Cheyne, son ofSir Reginald ce Cheyne by their partner (given that their own first spouse), Helen ofStrathearn. While you will find popular openings throughout the origins out-of MurielKeith, she and Reginald le Cheyne do show a lineage out-of theComyns. not, this is certainly also faraway to require a good dispensation ifMuriel was a good great-great-higher grandd Comyn, Earlof Buchan (d. 1233), that will become circumstances if ‘s the reason daughter.


2. Reginald le Cheyne try a beneficial-grandson off Marjory Comyn,daughter away from Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan (d. 1290), sonof William Comyn in the list above. Their particular son try Malise, Earlof Strathearn of 1312 to their passing within the 1328 , andgrandfather from Reginald.

ca. 1270), wasidentical in order to Marjory Comyn, and you can married 2ndly in order to Malise, Earl ofStrathearn (d. 1312). This would imply the brand new parentage ‘said to help you havebeen’ regarding Margaret, partner out of Sir John de Keith, is of onegeneration: she would n’t have been the latest d Comyn,Earl of Buchan, but alternatively regarding his young man Alexander. There clearly was noevidence one to Earl Malise and you will Marjory Comyn was basically hitched muchbefore 1275: given that Lindsay typed,

There clearly was one discernable basis on what new relationshipbetween Reginald le Cheyne and you will Muriel Keith might have resided: ifMargaret Comyn, partner of Sir John de Keith (d

‘ The latest wife regarding the earl, on 1275, try named Marjory, as the weunderstand brand new attesting term away from Zero. (suite…)

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